For the first time ever, anyone can access low-cost expert diagnostic and preventive healthcare – from anywhere in the world. It all starts on the SpotMyDot mobile app.



As a medical technology firm, we have devoted ourselves to changing healthcare on a global scale. SpotMyDot Inc. is focusing on quantum artificial intelligence as a means to affording people everywhere access to the diagnostic and preventive healthcare they need.

Our passion is, first and foremost, for driving results in the healthcare sector. Through a steadfast commitment to innovation, we are democratizing medical technology in a way that no one ever has before. Thanks to our innovative platform, people will be able to detect the symptoms of skin cancer quickly and affordably.

SpotMyDot is aiming to be the world’s first Quantum AI-based mobile app fighting skin cancer, something that no one else has achieved. This is an untapped market in which the demand is tremendous, but just as importantly, this is something that will save lives.

Lower costs for governments, for insurance companies, and for patients: that is our vision.  Our “Vision Zero” is to eliminate all skin cancer deaths in the long run, through ongoing proactive healthcare and early detection

Our Product


Our online platform is revolutionary, changing the way that people and organizations think about diagnostics. Instead of waiting in line at an office and spending huge amounts of money, our users can instead diagnose the symptoms of skin cancer from the comfort of their own homes. This option is available flexibly: for high-income countries and even in subsets of the country’s populations. Scalable to 7.2 billion smartphones globally, SpotMyDot is making mass screening possible while also encouraging a proactive mindset and motivating people to detect skin cancer early. This is a giant leap forward in healthcare, affording universal access to low-cost diagnostic technology.

It’s all because of our cutting-edge quantum AI technology, working in conjunction with any camera-enabled mobile device and our ultra-strong security system.


Quantum AI to Combat Skin Cancer

Fastest-growing cancer and the most common of all types of cancer, skin cancer has become especially destructive because of climate change and ozone depletion. Today, at least 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70, and actinic keratosis (the most common form of precancer) affects more than 58 million Americans.

Our app is the efficient, scalable solution to this massive, worldwide challenge. Detecting skin cancer and precancer skin lesions in real-time, SpotMyDot is the “virtual dermatologist” that everyone needs.

On top of diagnostics, the features that we have built into SpotMyDot include appointment scheduling for “classical” dermatologists and telehealth follow-ups. This is the all-in-one, comprehensive solution to the skin cancer problem, changing people’s lives one diagnosis at a time.

Long-term, SpotMyDot will change lives – by the millions. On top of that, we are slashing costs for everyone involved: the governments, the insurance companies, and of course, the patients.

Together, we can fight back against this deadly disease.


Technology Platform

We implement the leading industry standards in cognitive computing to build diagnostic tools that adapt, learn and adjust independently.

We combine the power of advanced classical Deep Learning algorithms together with Quantum ML algorithms with the sole purpose of performing complex computations with a negligible margin for error. Find out more about our technology platforms and inventory here.

Through advanced, industry-leading technology, we are changing the world of diagnostic medicine forever. Our cognitive computing learns from users, feeding data into classical deep learning algorithms and quantum machine learning algorithms to make determinations while minimizing errors.

You can learn more about our technology here.

For a faster, more accurate diagnostic model, this is the way. Quantum AI is charting a path toward a brighter future for healthcare at large.

As a team of engineers, we specialize in healthcare, classical deep learning, and quantum machine learning. We are leveraging these technologies alongside computer vision and natural language processing to solve real-world problems and drive real-world results.

Board of Directors


Alexander Stojcevski – Founder/Chairman

Mr. Alexander Stojcevski is an Entrepreneur and Senior Data Scientist. He has accrued more than twenty years of professional experience, focusing on high-impact solutions. Invented two AI-driven patents that a multibillion-dollar company holds, and throughout his career, worked with advanced, cutting-edge technology, overseeing projects and delivering solutions successfully. Experienced in both classical and quantum machine learning, Deeply passionate about technology and business, managing all aspects of development. He can stay calm in high-pressure, fast-paced settings and envision products for markets, pursuing them vigorously through research and analysis. Launched his first company in 1997, and within medicine, studied at the highest levels, achieving Certificate of Achievement on advanced courses in Cancer Genomics and Immuno-oncology at Harvard Medical University. His mission is to eliminate cancer through early detection and new therapeutics treatments.

Zoran Stojcevski – Co-Founder/Board Member

Mr Zoran Stojcevski is a former professional athlete living by the motto that everything is possible if you think big, stay positive and put your passion into everything you do. A mindset that has been proven successful over the last 20 years as a business leader and accomplished entrepreneur. He loves the challenge to build a business from the ground up and has a good eye for market opportunities. Leveraging his skills and creativity within leadership, marketing and sales he has built up a strong track record turning those opportunities into financial profit and market growth.



If you have any questions about our technology or what we are doing to change the world, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always available to answer any questions.
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