At SpotMyDot, we are building the world’s first digital dermatologist, Ava, who is on-call and ready to help you 24 hours a day. AVA’s role is to serve as your personal dermatologist. We will defeat skin cancer and save millions in the process.

SpotMyDot AB Overview

A startup company in the quickly-growing digital MedTech sector, SpotMyDot is leading the way forward for dermatology as a whole, specializing in autonomous quantum AI and advanced image recognition in the screening and diagnostics field. The company’s mission is to position itself as the leading provider of skin cancer diagnostics solutions, emphasizing cost-effectiveness, trustworthiness, and true self-detection as our core values.

AVA provides first-opinion diagnosis in seconds, not days or weeks, and will use FDA-approved, evidence-based software to do so. Utilizing this technology, we enable our users to take an active role in their own health with only a smartphone and our app.  

Our continuous screening solution will help reduce skin cancer mortality rates,  overall health care costs, improve the quality of health care and free up medical resources. Our vision, ambitious as it may seem, is to get SpotMyDot’s AVA onto the market as quickly as we can.

Addressing a Growing Health Care Problem

Skin cancer is a global threat

Over the last few decades, the number of skin cancer patients has been increasing. It has gotten to the point that skin cancer is now the fastest-growing and most common of any cancer type, due to a variety of factors, including sun exposure, climate change, and ozone depletion. One in five Americans will, statistically, develop skin cancer by the age of 70. The costs of this problem are enormous, advanced cases costing more than $200,000 per patient.


Existing healthcare is inadequate 

Even in high-income countries, there is a shortage of dermatological specialists. In developing countries, matters are worse, and wait times to see a dermatologist are dangerously high. Knowing that 86% of skin cancer deaths are preventable and that early detection yields a 99% 5-year survival rate, we need to emphasize proactive screening.



Our Solution – AVA

AVA works automatically and in real-time, detecting both skin cancer and precancerous skin lesions. She provides a first-opinion diagnosis within seconds, tapping into an evidence-based and FDA-approved diagnostic app, remaining available 24/7, with zero wait times, a friendly demeanor, and answers to all of your questions, even speaking multiple languages and putting the user at ease. She enables patients to get diagnoses instantly, meaning that for the first time ever, global screenings will be possible.

SpotMyDot features industry-leading standards in cognitive computing for tools that learn and adapt independently. Our app combines your camera-enabled mobile device with our state-of-the-art algorithms in order to perform complex computations at a negligible margin of error.

New Trends Support New Diagnostic Solutions

New technological breakthroughs, more powerful computing power, and regulatory maturity have all laid the foundation for a new era in medical diagnostics.

Here are some other inevitable market forces that will impact our growth.

  • Acceptance of e-health solutions, by both patients and regulatory bodies
  • Demand for point-of-care service (post-Covid-pandemic)
  • Health consciousness among the population
  • Booming health care costs, increasing demand for proactive and preventative approaches   
  • The combination of quantum computing and artificial intelligence is taking medical decision-making to a whole new level, changing fundamentally how patients receive diagnoses and take control of their own healthcare. 

Experienced Team

CEO Alexander Stojcevski is the founder of SpotMyDot and Sales & Marketing Director Zoran Stojcevski is its co-founder.

Founder/CEO – Mr. Alexander Stojcevski is an entrepreneur with deep understanding of how to align technology with business value. He has accrued more than twenty years of professional experience on the international stage. Invented two AI-based patents that an international multibillion-dollar company holds, and worked with advanced, cutting-edge technology, overseeing projects, and delivering products and applied research solutions successfully. In addition to his extensive experience in AI, he obtained a Certificate of Achievement in Cancer Genomics and Immuno-Oncology at Harvard Medical School.

Co-Founder/CMO – Mr. Zoran Stojcevski is an entrepreneur and experienced sales and business development executive. He is a senior partner at Moment Management and helps companies succeed as they work through complex transformations. As a former professional athlete, Mr. Zoran lives by the motto that everything is possible if you think big and aim high, stay positive, and put your passion into everything you do.

Furthermore, the company is supported by an experienced board member in life science. Mr. Jonas Myrgren is a leader in the international life science industry, serving both start-ups and large global firms. He has a solid track record, including former roles as Managing Director, Technical Manager, and Program Manager at SHL Group, a leading global firm in the MedTech industry. Mr. Myrgren has been instrumental in the scale-up and delivery of medical devices of class I and class II(x), as well as R&D and production solutions.

SpotMyDot will, in time, expand the Board of Directors. A well-qualified advisory board is already part of SpotMyDot and consists of experts in critical fields such as dermatology, medicine, and artificial intelligence.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. Join our journey to save millions of lives

Contact us

If you have any questions about our technology or what we are doing to change the world, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always available to answer any questions.

Biblioteksgatan 29, 114 35 Stockholm

SpotMyDot AB is a Quantum AI-startup within the medtech sector from Stockholm, Sweden

SpotMyDot AB is combining quantum AI and mobile devices to overhaul the healthcare system, slashing costs and saving lives.

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